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The Violette Family Association publishes newsletters on an irregular basis. Newsletters are made available for download from the list below and notices about newsletters are sent to members with an email address on file with the Association. Printed copies are sent to those with no email address on file. We encourage all members to include their email address in their Member Profile so we can avoid the cost of printing and mailing.

February 2016Reunion 2017 planning; will we have a Reunion 2017?
December 2014A Violette History; Reunion 2014; President's Messagee; Reunion 2017 planning
June 2014Reunion 2014 preregistration form; clothing order form; Reunion schedule updated; CMA2014 topics; genealogy charts
May 2014Reunion 2014 pre-registration and schedule; CMA2014 topics
December 2013Reunion 2014 pre-registration and schedule; President's Message; CMA2014 topics; Missing members; Deceased members; A Violette History
December 2011Reunion 2011 reports; Past President's message; New officers and Exec Committee; Missing members; A Violette History book; Our Facebook page; Deceased members; Marcella Violette scrapbooks donated
June 2011President's Message; Reunion 2011 News; Registration form; Raffle donations; Clothing order form; We need your donations; We need your email address; Missing members
March 2011Reunion 2011 news; Registration form; Lodging; Raffle donations; Getting a passport; We need your email address; New mapping system at web site; Missing members
August 2010Reunion 2011 planning; Getting a passport; We need your email address; New mapping system at web site; Missing members; A Violette coat of arms?
November 2008Reunion 2008 report; Do you know your DNA history?; President's Message; Secretary's Report; Violette Industrial Building dedicated; Treasurer's Report; Reunion 2011 planning; Violettes of Virginia; Rita's last book raffled; New arrivals, In memoriam; Rita honored with letter from France; Need a passport?
May 2008President's Message; Important notices; New arrivals; In memoriam; Board of Directors; In search of; Reunion 2008 hotel info, registration form; Why we do genealogy; About the VFA website
August 2007Reunion 2008 (30th Anniversary Celebration) program
November 2005President's Message; Report on Violette Industrial Building dedicaton; New officers; Reunion 2005 report; Treasurer's Report; New arrivals; Deceased members; In search of; Odds and ends
May 2005President's Message; In search of; Hammond River Lots #14 and 15; Deceased members; Reunion 2005 registration
November 2004President's Message; Officers; New arrivals; Deceased members; Reunion 2005 notes; History of the Association; Letter from A. O. Violette regarding grist mill at The Acadian Village
May 2004President's Message; New arrivals; Deceased members; In search of; Excerpt of The Life and Times of Francois Violet
March 2003President's Message; Brief summary of Reunion 2002; Deceased members; Treasurer's Report; In search of; Birthdays; Officers
June 2002President's Message; Reunion 2002 information; New arrivals; Deceased members; In search of; Passing the torch (Rita Daley)
December 2001President's Message; New VFA Website; Deceased members; In search of; Reunion 2002 information


We publish E-Newsletters (newsletters sent by email) on a more frequent basis. These are only sent, of course, to members who provide us with an email address.

Click on a date to view that newsletter in a new window. You can then save or print the newsletter.

5/21/2013Dick and Alice Violette to celebrate 75th anniversary on June 10, 2013
1/1/2013New Year's greetings; Reunion 2014 reminder
12/24/2011Christmas greetings
12/19/2011Violette get-together in Florida in winter (email address corrected)
11/29/2011Marcella Violette scrapbooks donated
11/26/2011Chapters 5 and 12 updated
9/6/2011New officers; Photos available; New Facebook page; Reunion 2014 location
7/2/2011Reunion 2011 mail registration deadline; Acadian lunch meal
6/22/2011Chapter 12 published; Reunion 2011 reminder
6/14/2011President's Message; Reunion 2011 News; Registration form; Raffle donations; Clothing order form; We need your donations; We need your email address; Missing members
6/5/2011Chapters 8-11 ready, Register for Reunion 2011
5/10/2011Be sure to register for Reunion 2011!
4/18/2011Chapters 5, 6, and 7 of A Violette History are ready at VioletteFamily.org for download
4/13/2011Reunion registration; newsletter correction
4/9/2011Newsletter published with Reunion news and registration form
4/5/2011Reunion 2011 registration form; Reunion 2011 raffle item donation form; Violette Family Association clothing order form
3/31/2011Continuing with our history of Charles and Marie, we find our young couple moving to Rochefort and then embarking from La Rochelle for the New World
3/24/2011The first two chapters of the Violette History book are published at the web site.
3/20/2011Committee working on Reunion details
3/12/2011Map shows lodging in Reunion area
3/12/2011Tentative Reunion schedule
1/1/2011Wishing all our cousins a very Happy New Year
12/24/2010Wishing all a very Merry Christmas
10/30/2010A Violette History is being published a chapter at a time
8/29/2010Reunion 2011 planning; Upper St John River Valley mapping system at web site;
8/8/2010More on Reunion; Upper St John River Valley map; error correction;
7/11/2010Reunion Plans developing; Pre-register for Reunion; passport prices changing
6/2/2010Searching for Dick Violette's family
4/17/2010Plan for Reunion 2001; Current Passport requirements and fees
1/1/2010Your Association joins to wish you and Happy New Year
12/24/2009Merry Christmas to all
8/26/2009Support the Association with online donations; More Violette cousins on Facebook; 62 new members in Jun-Jul 09; Jean Kelliher finds her Violette roots
7/23/2009Maj Kendric Robbins appointed White House Fellow; Lt Col Deanna Violette assumes command; So what has Connie Lantagne been doing?; A note from Don Hudenburg
6/13/2009Topics: Newborns, new members
6/7/2009New eNewsletter format
5/25/2009Where did Francois settle - Part 2; We value your privacy.
5/16/2009Topics: Member info updates, 131 new members Feb-Apr 2009
3/28/2009Violette Family Association on Facebook; Where did Francois Violette Settle - Part 1; 79 new members added in Dec 08-Jan 09
2/28/2009The Upper St John River Valley - a web site - provides a wealth of information; We added 79 new members in the Aug-Nov 2008 period!
2/1/2009MEMBERS button added at web site; Alfred Violette dies; Dick and Pat Michaud move from UT to Mesa AZ; Alderic "Dick" Violette featured in book on WW II; What is my number?
1/2/2009Leslie Bunnell dies
12/31/2008Happy New Year
12/20/2008Merry Christmas
11/28/2008Latest newsletter has been sent
11/13/2008We need your email address

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